Officer Eugene Goodman Escorts Kamala Harris During Inauguration–After Congress Moves to Give Him a Medal

Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman, who’s being called a hero for single-handedly steering a mob away from the Senate chambers on January 6, escorted Kamala Harris to the presidential inauguration ceremony on Wednesday. He was there in his new role as acting Deputy House Sergeant at Arms.

Goodman has been celebrated since footage was released showing him alone, facing a mob of Trump supporters—and putting himself at risk to lead the group away from the room where Senators were located.

Goodman’s role at the inauguration today isn’t the only way in which he’s been recognized since the Capitol riots two weeks ago.

Bipartisan lawmakers introduced legislation last week to award him with a Congressional Gold Medal.

“By putting his own life on the line and successfully, single-handedly leading insurrectionists away from the floor of the Senate Chamber, Officer Eugene Goodman performed his duty to protect Congress with distinction, and by his actions, Officer Goodman left an indelible mark on American history,” the legislation states.

The medal is reserved for people who’ve made “distinguished achievements and contributions” to America.

Previous recipients of the Congressional Gold Medal include Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and mathematicians Katherine Johnson, Dr. Christine Darden, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson for their contributions to NASA’s success in the Space Race.